Cheerio Peanut Parfait

I have been in a breakfast rut lately. I love my avocado toast and I love my overnight oats and my Spinach Quiche Cups, but it was time to change it up. This morning, I saw Cheerios sitting out, and it hit me. I think the key here is a fancy cup to eat it out of. I felt like I was at a fancy brunch restaurant this morning. This little concoction is cute, tasty and super filling. This little layering of protein comes in at 5 smart points.

Note: If you don’t like Greek yogurt, substitute plain yogurt. I also used vanilla paste, which is expensive, but worth it for all of the flavor you get. I also used PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, but you could use anything. Lastly, if you don’t care for chia seeds, anything with a little crunch will work well for you .20170312_110127

Cheerio Peanut Parfait

Serves 1


3/4 C. plain, fat free Greek yogurt
1/2 t Vanilla Paste
2.5 T PB2
1/2 T Chia Seeds
1/2 C. Cheerios (plain)

Nutritionclone tag: -5209124826151446767

251 Calories
Protein 27 g
Carbohydrate 27 g
Dietary Fiber 6 g
Total Sugars 9 g
Added Sugars 0 g
Total Fat 5.5 g
Saturated Fat 1 g


  1. In a small bowl, mix Greek yogurt, PB2 and Vanilla paste. Place about half of this mixture in the bottom of your cute cup.
  2. Layer on about 1/2 of the Cheerios onto the yogurt. Add the rest of the yogurt, then add a layer of the chia seeds. Top with the remaining Cheerios. Enjoy!

Hope you have a wonderful week! Stay warm.

Health and joy,





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