Life Happens- Have food ready

So I was going to make a nice, wonderful, beautiful post with a recipe that I was excited to try out. But I haven’t really had time to cook since I last posted.

The really cool thing about that is that I have still packed my lunch every work day.

That means with a quick-ish trip to the grocery and by opening my freezer door, I have had ten homemade and highly nutritious meals with even more to spare. The even more amazing thing is that it wasn’t all the same dish.

Lunch Options Have Included:

Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Soup
White Bean Chili
Black Bean Chili
Mac n’ Cheese with Veggies
Turkey and Spaghetti Squash Pie

….all with a fresh fruit, fresh vegetable and maybe a little piece of cheese and/or something crunchy.

Tomorrow night, we have parent-teacher conferences. That means I won’t get home until 9:30 pm, and I will be “a bit” tired.   It also means– I packed two lunches tonight! I don’t love doing it, but I tried to enjoy the little things, like how nice the knives I have are and the smell of a freshly opened grapefruit. Not to mention the beauty of the color of the flesh.

I am on a Wasa Crispbread kick lately. 60 calories for two pieces of crunch with a bit of protein.

I accidentally left my water bottle at school, but I have cucumbers with balsamic vinegar, fresh cut grapefruit both days, then different mains in each.

I think me being able to take 5 minutes to write about how awesome this is shows just how {sort-of} on top of it I feel.

This blog will always come last, but being able to eat right during a hectic week is sort of the like the trampoline to my would-be fall off of the healthy-eating wagon. I think it’s also really important I am not having the same main dish each day, even if most of them are soups.

Anyway, please stay tuned. I am hoping to make a post from New York this coming weekend.

Joy and Health,



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