It is way past my bed time, but I need to document my recipes not only for my own sanity, but also because I think maybe, just maybe, other people might like my recipes. So here is this blog.

I have been doing this whole healthy eating thing for about seven (!!) years now. I have learned a lot– like what freezes well and what should not be expected to taste like anything you would want to eat after a few hours. I have also learned that some days, you just need to order a pizza and savor it.


If you like to eat large amounts of meat, you should probably leave. I have developed a tolerance to cooking meat, but my boyfriend gets the honors of cleaning and touching the raw stuff whenever possible. Most of the dishes that are posted will be vegetarian.

If you like fad diets, you should leave. This is about eating vegetables, protein, some carbs and not overindulging in fats or sugar.

If you like mushrooms, I am not your girl. Truffles, on the other hand, we can talk.

If you like bland food, I have about one dish you might like. I go through crushed red pepper quickly.

The Plan

Most weekends, I scour the internet for a new delicious healthy recipe. Some of my new favorite places to look:

*Oh She Glows

The plan is that each time I cook/ bake, I share the process and break it down for you, giving you a few tips or maybe spices to add along the way. You might also see dog pictures. I am one person  who often doubles up on recipes and eats a variety of my frozen meals throughout the week. I pack a simple lunch the night before– one of the meals

Stay tuned- Farro Salad!

I make, some fresh fruit, some fresh veggies and maybe a little nibble of cheese (Babybel Light or a Laughing Cow). Like most things in life, the presentation of your food is key. You wouldn’t give a work presentation in sweatpants, so you might as
well make a little effort at what you put in your body, too. Think sprinkles of spices on your soups forcontrast or  garnishing  your enchilada. Tiny details make life better.

The Tools

A Food Processor
For my last birthday, I really wanted a food processor.This is part of how I know I am getting older. My parents indulged me, and I am so glad they did. I am not kidding when I say that it has changed my life. I save SO MUCH TIME “chopping onions” and “mincing garlic”. If a recipe doesn’t start with those two things, I am almost always not interested. It also does slicing, grinding, and shredding.

An Immersion Blender
This was something I received from my aunt several years ago. This is perfect for blending soups and sometimes salad dressings.  It can give that thicker texture my pureeing some of the ingredients, like potatoes or beans.

Olive Oil
So the other day at Kroger, I spent about 10 minutes trying to pick out the best olive oil. I know it matters, just like using good water in your coffee matters, but it’s really a personal preference at the end of the day. One day, I will know of the best one to use, but for now, I look for the lowest cost per ounce, and make sure it comes in glass, because my consumerism is one of the ways I can make a small difference in the planet’s future. Anyways, you will need lots of olive oil.

I think that’s it for now- I look forward to having you!

Joy and Health,



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